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Are you creating a commercial property or a hospitality space? Before you begin, read these seven commercial interior design blogs. Restaurants. Bars. Lobbies in hotels. Offices. Commercial Interior Designer in Lahore encompasses a wide range of industries, functions, and design styles.

Commercial Interior Designer in Lahore and property managers must ensure that their designs not only look good but also meet a variety of standards. There’s the American Disabilities Act (ADA), brand guidelines, signage, maintenance, and other things that other designers don’t have to think about. Finding the right advice and inspiration for commercial spaces can be difficult with so many boxes to check.

If you’re looking for commercial interior design inspiration, look no further than these six commercial interior design blogs. What made us choose these blogs? Each blog provides excellent examples of how to use various design styles and tricks of the trade to make the job easier. In addition, you can see what’s hot in hospitality and commercial design all in one place.


Mr. Steven G. is an upscale, luxury interior designer. As a result, he has extensive experience designing commercial and hospitality spaces in a variety of design styles, including contemporary, modern, and traditional. His blog, Interiors by Steven G., is one of our favourites because he frequently features past projects, including hospitality properties.

In fact, you can view his previous hospitality projects in his portfolio. One of our favourites was his work for the Point South Tower (shown below), which brought the outdoors in and used an area rug to help define the lobby seating area, Interior Designer in Lahore.

Interior Design for Offices

Color schemes. Artistic rendering Ergonomics. A commercial designer’s responsibilities are diverse. Few blogs cover every aspect of the job as thoroughly as the Office Interiors and Design blog. Just by looking at their most recent posts, you can see how to incorporate the right colours into your design, how to create renderings that communicate both the beauty and function of a space, and other helpful tips that make this blog an amazing tool and resource.

Studio Elsy

Elsy Studios’ blog covers everything from stunning property makeovers to what’s hot in commercial and corporate interior design. One of our favourite aspects of their blog is that each post contains useful advice for other designers or property managers. They explain, for example, that even if you’re designing a professional and polished hotel lobby, you can incorporate some unexpected elements to create exciting moments for both guests and staff.

Design Elements

In addition to adhering to a specific design style or aesthetic, commercial designers must incorporate brand values and guidelines into their work. The Brabbu: Design Forces blog has some great examples of commercial spaces that are one-of-a-kind while still fitting the desired brand look or atmosphere. What’s more, the best part? They are provided by interior designers from all over the world.

We particularly liked their post highlighting the work of design firm Big Red Rooster on the Vietnamese sandwich shop pictured below. To maintain the brand’s fast-casual vibe, they kept the classic sandwich shop booths and concrete floors, but added wood rafters, colourful chairs, and a row of fresh greenery to add a fresh flair.


While not technically a blog, Hospitality Design should be the first stop for any hospitality designer looking for news, examples, trends, new products, interviews with other designers, and more. It’s also a great place to see what’s new in the hospitality industry aibk.

For example, as large hotel chains create smaller, boutique brands, hospitality designers will want to anticipate the shift and hone the skills necessary to create greatness in smaller spaces.


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