Coffee Roaster
Coffee Roaster

In this section of the article, we’ll explore the key factors before making your next coffee roaster purchase.

Freshly Roasted Coffee:

One of the biggest advantages of installing a coffee roaster machine is the ability to offer freshly roasted coffee to your customers. Freshly roasted coffee has a better aroma and taste, which can help to set your coffee shop apart from the competition.

Control Over The Roasting Process:

With a coffee roaster machine, you have enhanced control over the variety, degree, and type of roasting of the coffee beans. This means you can experiment and find the perfect roast for your customers and ensure the consistency of the coffee you serve.

Minimized Dependency on Suppliers:

By installing a coffee roaster machine, you minimize your dependency on suppliers for the best quality roasted beans. This gives you more control over the quality of the coffee you serve and eliminates the possibility of supply chain disruptions that could affect your business.

Promoting Your Brand:

By roasting your coffee, you can create your unique brand of roasted coffee. This can help to promote your business and create a loyal following of customers who love your coffee.

Increased Revenue:

By roasting your coffee and potentially supplying it to other coffee shops, you can increase your revenue. This is a great way to diversify your business and create new income streams.

Points of Consideration When Buying A Coffee Roaster

Below highlighted are some of the determining factors to consider before buying coffee roasters: Read more: Code Editor


Even though gas-powered roasters were the first to initiate the process of modern roasting, electric roasters are steadily becoming a reliable substitute. There are a lot of benefits of adhering to electric roasters, for example:

Best Coffee Roaster
Best Coffee Roaster
  • Eliminating the hassles of safety measures, licensing to operate fire-operated machines, electric machines use air and halogen bulbs.
  • Besides, even in terms of eco-friendly usage, electric roasters have proven better since gas-powered machines were known to produce 90% additional carbon dioxide every cycle.
  • The easy and fast installation procedure also adds to the benefits of lesser investment for installation.


Whether you are planning for an initial setup or trying to include a new roaster into your already existing coffee shop business, budget planning is essential. Coffee roasters have a basic mechanism, whether it is gas operated or electrical, but in both ways, roasting generates heat and smoke. Therefore, you must consider gas costing while planning a budget for a gas-powered roaster. However, there are other essential factors that need consideration like roasting batches, whether you are serving customers or clients, pollution-control equipment, QC equipment, chimney ductwork, initial green-coffee inventory, etc.

Batch Size

The first and foremost point to think about while determining the batch size required for your business. A large-scale roasting setup will need to invest in large batch size compatible roaster. In contrast, if you are an individual coffee shop, serving customers, a roaster machine of 1kg capacity could effectively fulfill your requirements. However, if you are into wholesale business 15kg, roasters could be a good investment.

Most importantly, unnecessarily roasting bulk coffee beans and stocking them over a long time can compromise with quality and taste of the coffee. Besides, many coffee shop owners especially prefer small roasters, which allow them to serve exclusive coffee to customers. Besides, roaster low-scale of coffee at a time minimizes the risk of loss due to improper roasting.


Roasting as a process inevitably involves heat generation and smoke. While the aroma of freshly baked or roasted coffee is undoubtedly enticing even for customers, too much smoke and smell inside a coffee shop could ruin the ambiance and may feel choking. Since smoke emission is unavoidable, while purchasing a roaster, it is important to analyze that the roaster machine you choose has a powerful ventilation mechanism. Poor and compromised airflow of the ventilation system can also potentially affect roasting. Overheating machines without sufficient ventilation could also lead to fire hazards as well.


So, there you have it; some crucial factors to look for when buying coffee roasters. Taking note these points will ensure your cafe, restaurant, or coffee shop is serving up the perfect cup every time.


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