What are the costs of a building plot in the Netherlands? How much does a lot cost to build a house on? It is not easy to find the current lot prices on the internet. Some municipalities do show the current land prices, but there are no clear overviews of what a building plot normally costs. In recent years, various researchers have looked at how much building land costs per m2 in the Netherlands. We’ve collected a few of those studies below. If you look at the price of a building plot, it is important to realize that it makes quite a difference in what state the plot is in, and in which tax regime the plot falls. The building plot can be sold in its current state or in a ready-to-build condition, whereby in the first case you still have costs to make the lot ready for construction. In terms of tax, a lot can be offered in two ways; free in name and therefore subject to turnover tax / VAT, or in the current state with buyer’s costs, a transfer tax of 6% applies to the buyer.

Building land prices per municipality

The blog Housing Market Figures made a nice map a few years ago with an overview of the average asking price of a building plot per municipality. The blogger has drawn this up manually based on the available offer on Funda. It can be seen that prices vary from € 200 per m2 in the outskirts of the Netherlands, rising to about € 450 to € 800 per m2 in the west of the country, and in the major cities (of course ) even higher. The addition is done quite roughly.

Lot prices

There are also consultants who build databases with the prices of building land. In 2016, consultancy firm iTX Bouwconsult conducted a survey among 400 municipalities about the plot prices applied. They arrive at a similar picture, and provide an overview per province. It can be seen that prices vary from around € 200 per m2 on average in the outer provinces of the Netherlands, rising to an average of over € 500 per m2 in North Holland, South Holland and Utrecht. The prices mentioned are based on a free name including VAT.

Province Lot prices per m2
Groningen, Friesland, Drenthe, Limburg, Zeeland, Flevoland average € 200,-
Overijssel, Gelderland, North Brabant from €300 to €400
North Holland, South Holland, Utrecht from € 500 and above

Knowing more?

The above studies are from 2013 and 2016 respectively and still give a good picture of the price differences per province. Up-to-date information is also available about the prices of building land in the Netherlands. The Kadaster has been keeping track of this for a long time. View the current overview of the average price of building plots in the Netherlands in 2022. Do you want to know how much a building plot costs in your area? Then it is best to look at the offer on Funda and at the issue of building plots at the municipality in your area. A building plot can be distinguished in the ground that can be built on, the building area, and the other ground, the garden ground. Normally, the garden soil has a value equal to about half of the soil of the building area.


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