The trend of gift exchange has been in trend for ages. People used to show their affection towards each other via gifts. Today, there are many items that you can use as gifts to please your closed ones. from chocolates to bakery products, cosmetics, apparel, jewelry, stationery items, etc.; the list goes longer. Due to the diversity of gift products, the cardboard box is prioritized. Cardboard boxes are durable and resistant to scratches, scuffs, tears, etc. they keep your edible items fresh and warm for a longer time. Moreover, cardboard gift boxes look very classy and give an aesthetically pleasing look.

Astonish Your Recipients with Elegantly Designed Cardboard Gift Boxes:

Cardboard is one of the preferable material options in the market. Its cost-effectiveness and climate-friendly nature make it the most suitable stock for green packaging.  as for as gift boxes are concerned, cardboard can be an optimal choice for you. Cardboard paper is long-lasting and tear-resistant. You can customize the gift box per your requirements. Our customers have years of experience and know how to create a bespoke package.  You can embellish the box with ribbons, bows, die-cuts, and handles to amaze your giftee.

Buy Accurately Sized Cardboard Gift Boxes for Fascinating Packaging:

Cardboard is a flexible material and easy to modify and adjust. You can alter the cardboard box into any shape and size. Mostly various products come in gifts. So, you must ensure that you choose an exact-sized box that is befitting for your gift items. The exclusively shaped boxes look very appealing and can fascinate onlookers at first glance. You can customize cardboard gift boxes into cubic, circular, rectangle, pyramids, hearts, stars, and whatever shape you like. You have to share your preferences; the rest of the job will be done by our team.

Gift Packaging in Wonderfully Stylized Cardboard Boxes:

You can make your gift more valuable by packing it in a uniquely stylized package.  The cardboard box designing is such an easy task. The cardboard is flexible and doesn’t require much effort during customization. You can alter and craft it effortlessly. Regarding the box’s design, you can share your design model with our team and discuss your requirements.  Besides, we suggest you add die-cuts in the box to enhance the visual attractiveness of the items. You can also add inserts, compartments, PVC sheets, etc., for attractive packaging. However, we manufacture the following types of printed cardboard gift boxes:

  1. Two-piece box
  2. Tray and sleeve packaging
  3. Tuck front box
  4. Gift box with compartments
  5. Gable box
  6. Pyramid shape
  7. Gift box with die-cuts

Print Cardboard Gift Box Packaging with Theme Designs:

Who is going to be the recipient of your gift? You must customize the cardboard gift box wholesale keeping the targeted giftee in mind. If it is meant for kids, you can print it with their favorite cartoon characters and impress them with the effective outlook of the box. Besides, you can print the box with a wedding theme design, birthdays or anniversaries, etc.  You can print the box with the giftee’s name or engrave the loveable wishes inside the box.  A cardboard box is viable to offset digital printing methods. However, we also go for the screen-printing method on the demands of our clients. in comparison to the digital method, screen printing is traditional but produces reliable prints.

Make Your Gift Packaging Striking with CMYK and PMS:

A gift box must be attractive enough from the outside to enchant the giftee before unboxing. You can add beauty and glamour to gift boxes with vibrant multicolor prints. Cardboard boxes are feasible for prints and colors. You can choose one-color or four-color models for your printed designs. Our options in colors include:

  • CMYK
  • PMS

CMYK produces very limited primary hue shades. On the other hand, PMS (Pantone Matching System) creates innumerable color shades and vivid prints.

Add Aesthetics to Your Cardboard Gift Boxes with Add-Ons:

How to add elegance to the cardboard gift boxes with lids?  Its only solution is the application of add-ons and laminations. The use of laminations adds beauty and strengthens the box against environmental damage. While add-ons give a unique look and add worthiness to your gift. Our additional solutions involve the following:

Die Cuts with PVC Sheet:

The gift box with a see-through window allows the recipients to view the inside item. They don’t have to rush for unboxing to see what is hidden inside.


Most people add more than one article of gifts in the box. You can place different articles in their specific place and segregate them with the help of cardboard inserts.


Ribbons and bows act as the ending embellishment. You can pick out any color of ribbons and adorn the gift box.

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