Amazon wallet, also known as Baifubao before the name change, is the brand and product name of Amazon’s payment business. So how to use Amazon Wallet Amazon Discount Code NHS?

Amazon Wallet has many functions, such as Amazon Wallet transfer, Amazon Wallet payment, Amazon Wallet payment, Amazon Wallet recharge, etc.

How to recharge the money in Amazon Wallet? How to recharge Amazon Wallet, how to recharge Amazon Wallet?

Let me share with you how to use Amazon Wallet, recharge with Amazon Money, recharge with Amazon Wallet, and save money in Amazon Wallet.


  • Amazon, Amazon Wallet
  • Bank card or online banking, etc.

Open the Amazon homepage and search for Amazon Wallet

Turn on the computer, open Amazon search, Amazon home page, Amazon new home page in the browser, and enter Amazon wallet, or Baifu package, or Amazon payment in the Amazon search box to search.

Open the Amazon Wallet homepage and enter the Amazon Wallet official website

In the search results of Amazon Wallet, find the official website of Amazon Wallet, “Amazon Wallet – Your Safe and Reliable Payment Tool”, “Amazon Wallet – Make Discounts Everywhere”, etc.

Click on the link of Amazon Wallet official website to enter the official website of Amazon Wallet, Baifubao official website, Amazon payment official website.

Login to Amazon account, log in to Amazon wallet

On the right side of the Amazon Wallet official website homepage, you can see the Amazon Wallet login entry, enter the Amazon account number, Amazon password, and log in to the Amazon Wallet official website.

Find the Amazon wallet recharge function, Amazon wallet recharge function

After logging in to Amazon Wallet, you can see information such as the balance of your Amazon account.

Under the fund management function on the left side of Amazon Wallet, you can find the top-up function, and the entrance of Amazon Wallet top-up, Amazon Wallet top-up, and Amazon Wallet deposit functions.

Enter Amazon Wallet Recharge, Amazon Wallet Recharge Page

After clicking the recharge function of Amazon Wallet, you can enter the recharge function page of Amazon Wallet, and you can see the bank card that has been associated with the current Amazon Wallet.

There are two ways to recharge Amazon Wallet, one is Amazon Wallet quick payment, and the other is It is Amazon wallet online bank payment.

You can choose any one, after selecting the payment method of recharging Amazon wallet, click confirm payment, here the author chooses Amazon wallet quick payment

Complete Amazon wallet recharge, Amazon wallet recharge

After Amazon Wallet clicks to confirm the payment, Amazon Wallet will recharge from the bank account associated with Amazon Wallet to Amazon Wallet.

After the payment is completed, Amazon Wallet will prompt that the payment is complete and display the recharge serial number of Amazon Wallet.

Check Amazon wallet account balance

After completing the Amazon Wallet recharge and Amazon Wallet recharge, click Return to My Wallet to return to my Amazon Wallet.

At this time, the current Amazon Wallet account balance can be seen on the account balance, and the Amazon Wallet is completed.

Recharge, Amazon wallet recharge, Amazon wallet deposit. Well, Amazon Wallet uses Amazon Wallet to recharge. How to recharge Amazon Wallet will be shared with you here.

Cold wallet, what is hot wallet

Bitcoin is an online virtual currency that can be used to buy items in real life. Let’s take a look at what cold wallets and hot wallets are.

Bitcoin wallet


  • Bitcoin wallets are divided into cold wallets and hot wallets according to the storage methods of private keys.
  • Cold wallets rely on cold devices to keep bitcoins safe.
  • The risk of hackers stealing the private key is avoided.
  • A hot wallet is an Internet-accessible private key wallet.
  • On different platforms, enter different passwords.

Cold wallet, what is hot wallet

Bitcoin is an online virtual currency that can be used to buy items in real life. Let’s take a look at what cold wallets and hot wallets are.

Wallet color meaning? Identification of genuine leather wallets Purse selection

Wallet Color Meaning

Black stands for being able to keep money calmly, not to lose money easily, especially suitable for those who like to make some small investments.

Brown wallet: It has the same meaning as the black wallet, but the power is not as strong as the black wallet.

Yellow wallet: Yellow is the same as gold and money. Yellow and gold represent wealth and are the best wallet colors.

For those who want to consider some big investment projects, the golden wallet can help you. Red wallet: Red represents deficit, that is, it is easy to spend all the money and cannot save money, or lose everything.

Blue wallet: Blue represents water, which means that money will flow away like water. Not the right color for a purse.

What color to use for the wallet, what color for the wallet, what color for the money-gathering wallet.

Which color is the most money-gathering, if you are looking for money, you should avoid red wallets, followed by dark yellow.

These two colors disperse wealth; for women, pink is the best, and the wealth is rolling (source for the opposite sex), followed by light yellow, beige and white, black

Purse Selection

The metal parts of the wallet, such as pull rings, buttons, key hooks, etc., must be checked to see if the gold plating is intact.

Generally speaking, copper products are less likely to rust and fade. Pay attention to whether the seams of the wallet are tight, but note that if it is too tight, the entire leather surface will be pulled too tightly, which will cause the wallet to break.

Pay attention to whether there are too many seams on the leather surface. If there are too many seams, it means that it is made of different pieces of leather, so a good wallet should avoid too many seams. Amazon Discount Code UK

Identification of genuine leather wallets

High-quality genuine leather wallets feel soft, plump, and elastic, with uniform thickness throughout the body, the same pattern, smooth and natural leather surface, and the same luster as adjacent leathers.

Inferior leather feels rough and hard, the pattern is inconsistent, and the luster of adjacent spliced leather is different, or asymmetrical, or uncoordinated.

This also involves men’s wallets. Men’s wallet ranking reviews, and reviews the quality of men’s wallets.


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