Oxidation matters a lot in the juicer for celery. Head to our site to learn about its effects and how to control them.

Do you know that kitchen experts believe that oxidation matters greatly in any juicer for celery? It’s because oxidation is a chain process that happens in the presence of oxygen. This reaction leads to the deterioration of fruits and vegetables. It affects their odor and taste by removing all the essential nutrients. This process usually happens when the food is pressed at spins at high pressure, and heat is produced in the presence of oxygen.

Hence, most people ask why this matters a lot in juicing, and if it matters, is there any ideal solution for that? Wll, yes, the best way to avoid oxidation is to choose a juicer with anti-oxidized technology.

This article gives you an idea about oxidation, why it matters, its effects on food, and how you can prevent oxidation. So, without making it boring, let’s see what oxidation is.

What is oxidation?

Oxidation is a chemical reaction in the presence of oxygen or another oxidizing substance. In any juicer, this reaction occurs in the presence of oxygen, but the speed also contributes to the reaction. During this reaction, heat is produced, and the extracted juice yield is frothy.

Effects on oxidation of fruits and vegetables?

Dissolved oxygen, when incorporated into fruits and vegetables, leads to loss of vitamins C, color, and smell. Different studies have shown that dissolved oxygen, ascorbic acid degradation, enzymatic browning, and Strecker degradation happen that are not beneficial for health.

When oxidation happens, the reaction changes the odor and taste of the fruits and vegetables, making them pale and brown. In terms of juicing, when oxidation occurs, the juice produced is foamy, hot, and can’t be stored for longer. It’s because when you place the juice in the air, its oxidation reaction will begin, and due to the oxygen taste, the juice’s color will change. Hence, the juice yield is less pasteurized and contains zero nutrients and vitamins.

Why does it matter in the juicers?

As discussed above, research has shown that oxidation harms fruits and vegetables. Hence, when making juice in any juicer, this reaction always happens and is fastened by speed. With extra speed and unlimited oxygen content, the reaction becomes faster, and the end product produced is unhealthy and contains minimum nutrients. 

If the juicer has the fastest speed, the chances of oxidation are higher, and the juice yield will be compromised. Therefore, this factor matters a lot as you drink juice to get maximum nutrients, but it’s not worth it if it’s oxidized.

How to avoid oxidation in the juicers?

The best way to avoid oxidation in a juicer is to opt for a juicer with less speed. As juicers with less speed are ideal juicer for celery, it’s because these juicers contain low RPM motors. With low RPM, the juicers spin at low speed, and less oxidation happens.

Now that you know how you can control oxidation, let’s answer your other question, is there any anti-oxidized juicer or not?

Luckily, the market is loaded with different types of juicers that vary in function and durability. Among all these, a masticating juicer is a reliable option. This juicer comes with low-speed masticating technology. With this technology, the juicer spins slower than the centrifugal power xl juicer and produces an anti-oxidized juice yield.

Best anti-oxidized cold press juicers

Now you know how you can control oxidation with the best masticating juicers, and look at some of the famous slow/cold press juicers of all time.

  • AMZCHEF Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor
  • Breville Juice Fountain Cold Juicer
  • Omega Juicer Cold PressAMZCHEF Slow Masticating Juicer
  • Ninja JC101 Cold Press
  • AUTOMATE Fretta Slow Masticating Juicer


Oxidation is not beneficial for health. Studies have shown that oxidized fruits and vegetables affect the metabolism and change the chemical reactions happening in the body. Therefore, if you prefer juice to maintain a healthier life, go through our article to learn the effects of oxidation and some solutions to prevent it.


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