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buy Instagram followers

Considering the fact that Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platforms worldwide, it is not surprising that it has indeed become a great tool of marketing. Thousands of companies, brands, and influencers are using it to reach a new audience, connect with their followers, market their products and services, and grow their presence online. While using Buy Instagram Followers Greece is easy, building engagement from the right people is not, especially when Instagram regularly updates its algorithm.

Since the launch of the latest update of the Instagram algorithm, many Instagram users have complained about the fall in the number of likes, followers, and comments on their posts. If you are also searching for reasons about why your post engagement on Instagram has reduced significantly, you have come to the right place.

To understand why Instagram is causing you this trouble, you first need to know how the latest Instagram algorithm works.

What is Instagram Algorithm 2021?

Instagram regularly announces updates to its algorithm. The Instagram algorithm basically controls what content is visible to Instagram users. Therefore it is imperative for businesses and influencers working on Instagram to understand how the Instagram algorithm affects their organic reach and what they can do about it.

The 2021 update of the Instagram Algorithm introduced numerous changes. Now, Instagram shows content on the basis of the following parameters:

1. Relationship

The Instagram algorithm works on the assumption that people who have already viewed and interacted with your profile are more likely to be interested in your posts. It checks the kind of relationship you share with your audience. Some of the things that it checks are who follows you, search your profile, comment on your posts, share or save your posts, etc.

2. Timeliness

According to this criterion, newer posts are most likely to appear first than the older ones. That is why time plays a crucial role in posting on Buy Instagram Likes Greece. When you upload a reel, IGTV, or a picture when your audience is online, your posts get a better reach.

3. Interest

The ultimate objective of Instagram is to provide its audience content that interests them the most. It is due to this reason, defining your target audience and creating relevant content helps a lot.

Apart from these, there are other considerations that can affect your reach on Instagram. How frequently your audience uses Instagram, the number of accounts they follow, and the average session time of the users are some of them. However, unlike relationship, timeliness, and interest, these parameters are not in your control. So, what can you do to ensure that you rank high in terms of impressions and engagement on Instagram? Just apply the following tactics!

Tactics to Improve Your Reach on Instagram

Getting likes, comments, and saves on your posts is essential to expand your reach on Instagram. Although they are not the most important metrics to evaluate your success on Instagram, they play a crucial role in growing your brand presence. Mentioned below are some tips using which you can ensure that your posts reach the right audience.

1. Post regularly on Instagram

To grow your presence online, it is important to keep your followers engaged. The best way to do so is by posting consistently on Instagram. When thousands of people and companies post every day, it is quite possible that your audience may forget you. To make sure that this does not happen, maintain a frequency rate or increase the frequency of posting. You do not necessarily need to post every day. Posting once or twice a week also works well. This is the easiest and one of the most effective ways to increase your reach, grow engagement and earn new followers on Instagram.

Another benefit of posting regularly is that it allows you to experiment and evaluate what content works with your audience and what does not. This is a great way to plan your content in a strategic manner organically.

2. Post High-quality photos and videos

No matter how many magic tricks are there in your pocket, the key to ranking high on your followers’ feed is creating quality content. Here, quality content means that the posts should not only be relevant and interesting but also eye-catchy. High quality photos and videos attract people to your posts to a great extent. Many times, Instagram users like, share, or comment on a picture because it is visually appealing. This is important for you as it helps you to attract engagement on your posts. This helps in the ‘relationship’ criterion of the Instagram algorithm.

3. Make the best use of Reels and IGTV

Believe it or not Reels and IGTV are a great way of boosting your profile on Instagram. Creating reels is a great way of Instagram marketing that allows businesses to share useful information in a fun manner within 15-30 seconds. The wide range of filters and audio files available adds to the popularity of this medium. Since reels is a relatively new feature, Instagram makes sure that people use it more often by giving reel makers good visibility. Also, there is a separate section for reels which again gives creators a greater chance to be discovered by the audience.

Similarly, Instagram provides a lot of benefits to those who make IGTV. If you have something important or interesting to share that cannot be explained within 30 seconds, IGTV is the most useful tool in that case. There are endless possibilities with regard to the content you can create using IGTV. According to experts, IGTV has proved effective in building loyalty among followers.

4. Upload Instagram stories consistently

While you regularly post pictures and videos on Instagram, you should also upload stories on a constant basis. Stories act as a speedy method of reaching out to your audience, reminding them to not miss any of your posts and engaging them directly. You can conduct polls, quizzes, ask your audience to throw questions, and do so much more. Instagram stories enable your profile to keep popping up on a constant basis which is good for building engagement.

5.Use Relevant Hashtags

The best way to address the ‘Interest’ criterion of the Instagram algorithm organically is by using relevant, precise, thoughtful, and accurate hashtags. Using hashtags will allow your audience to easily find the content they are looking for. Although Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags on a single post, it is not necessary to use them all. Instead, you should research and focus on the hashtags that are relevant to your post and profile. The use of a large number of random hashtags that do not really describe what the post is about may appear like spam and reduce your visibility. Therefore, it is advisable to use limited but proper hashtags.

6. Upload posts during peak hours

To effectively meet the ‘Timeliness’ criterion of the Instagram algorithm, post at the time your audience is using Instagram i.e. during peak hours. But the question is how would you possibly know when your followers are online? To bust this mystery, you need to research, observe and analyze the behavior of your audience. In this case, if you have a business account, Instagram Insights can help you out. Using this free Instagram tool, you can find out who is interacting with your posts, their gender, age, location, and the hours your posts are most visible. Accordingly, you can schedule your posts properly.

7. Interact with your audience

Interacting with the audience is a must to score high in the ‘relationship’ parameter. When people comment on your posts or send you a message, do not ignore them. You need to show your audience that you care for them to win their hearts. Some ways you can interact with your audience are by uploading interactive quizzes and stories, writing interesting captions, posting relatable content, answering your followers’ questions, and regularly thanking them for their constant support.

8. Host a Giveaway or a Contest

Hosting a giveaway or a contest is a great way to reach your target audience. You can create brand awareness, grow followers, likes, comments, shares, and also connect with people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. A giveaway or a contest works on the interest and relationship criteria of the Instagram algorithm. However, before hosting a contest you must plan out carefully what you seek to achieve through it and announce one accordingly. The prize should be attractive, and your rules for participation should be such that boosts engagement on your posts bob does sports rhoback code.

9. Use Interactive Captions

Captions play an important role in entertaining and informing your audience. By using call-to-action phrases such as ‘Tag a friend’, ‘Comment your views’ or ‘Visit the link in Bio,’ you can directly ask your audience to do the needful. This tip again resolves the relationship criterion of the Instagram algorithm.


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