new year gifts
new year gifts

Someone has invited you to the most hyped get together or party of the year, and you end up meeting the host with empty hands- it really feels embarrassing, right? Getting a gift for the host has always been the basic etiquette of a grateful audience or attendee. The person hosting the party has spent time and effort planning the party. In order to respect that, one should never go to any party empty handed. 

If you are clueless about what to get as a new year’s gift for the host- then you have arrived at the right place. We have made a list of thoughtful new year gifts for the party host and the importance behind gifting them. Read On. 


Candles are one of the best new year’s gifts for the host. Scented candles are perfect for any type of home ambience. They not only light up the darkest corners of your home, but also elevate the mood of the people. After a hectic day at work, all we look forward to is a stress free time at home with our family. Whether your host is a male or a female, you can always opt for a set of scented candles for your party host. We bet they will be elated on receiving a thoughtful gift like this. 

Green Potted Plants 

Green plants are an all time favorite gift for any and every occasion. Nowadays, people send potted plants along with invitation cards. They are eco-friendly gifts. You can also get a set of organic seeds along with indoor plants like- peace lilies, syngoniums, bonsai plants like- lucky bamboo, Jade plant, Ficus, junipers, etc. When you give a plant to someone, you give them a symbol of hope and prosperity. Indoor plants are very simple, when it comes to their maintenance. You can also get a manual for the maintenance of the respective plants for the recipient. 


New Year’s Eve parties are incomplete without champagne. At the stroke of 12, when the entire world welcomes the new year with open arms merrily- we raise a toast to the upcoming year. A champagne bottle is the perfect new year gift for the host, as a gift like this is always welcome at every party. If you are aware of the taste and preference of the host- it becomes much easier to opt for the perfect new year’s gift for them. There are a variety of champagnes that are available both online and offline- fruit champagne, blush champagne, cream and vanilla flavored champagne, etc. Other new year’s gifts can be unwrapped later on or become a part of the recycling club- but when it comes to champagne, it is always consumed first. You can customize a gift basket with a set of favorite champagne for the new year party host along with a cute message. 

Customized Gift Hampers

Gift hampers are wholesome gift options for any occasion. They are gifted to family and friends on festivities worldwide. You can compile a set of things like- coffee beans, cushions, dry fruits, biscuits, munchies and snacks, chocolates, tea bags, exotic fruit, champagne, customized gifts, wine glasses. There is a long list of New year gift for family things one can place in a hamper. You can easily personalize it in accordance to the likes and dislikes of the recipient. Like- if your host is a tea addict? You can add different flavored tea bags along with a mug. Or if your host loves too many snacks? You can fill the basket with different types of snacks like cola, chips, cookies, chocolates, gummies, etc.

Artistic Home Decor Items

Home decor items like oil paintings, wall hangings, wind chimes, an exotic frame, or a magnificent flower vase- will never go out of style with respect to gifting. They can be easily gifted for a housewarming party, get-togethers or a new year party. You can also go ahead with personalizing the artistic home decor item by adding the initials or the name of the host. Try to get an art piece of some reputed artist. If you are aware of their favorite artist, then it is a bonus for you. Get a beautiful painting or home decor item for your new year’s party host.

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