As we all are familiar with its beauty and safety. Dubai is also famous due to its tallest building. This building is named Burj-e-Khalifa. This is one of the eye-catching place in Dubai. Moreover, it is the pivot point for visitors. From all over the world visitors come to see the vision of Dubai. They also capture these remarkable moments. Consequently, they never forget these memories. Moreover, it would be a source of p-pleasant to them.

Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai desert safari is considered a fun place for your family and friends. If you visit Dubai never miss this place. It will provide you with a most distinctive fun experience. Here you can do and see different activities. You can also capture all of these activities in your hands. So let’s discuss the features of this wonderful place. You can enjoy off-roading on the dune. It would be a wonderful experience. Moreover, it will be heart touching site for camel riding while watching the sunset.

Further going to a desert camp is the interesting thing about Dubai desert safari. Here you can enjoy different beverages. It does not end here. Moreover, you can choose and wear custom Emirati attire. The mouth-watering dishes BBQ will eat your hunger. You will be served with chicken shawarma. A live belly dance. Moreover the fire and Tanura show.

Heritage site of Dubai

Bastakiya is one of the heritage sites in Dubai city. Here you can also see the city’s oldest wall. Pass through its confusing pathways and explore its beauty. This place also consists of different museums. You can visit and capture your memories. The coffee museum is one of the famous museums in this place. Furthermore, you can take a look at art galleries, ateliers, and cultural centers. The best thing about this place is it costs you nothing. Consequently, you can visit this area free of cost because most inceptions have no fees. And enjoy all the facilities provided by it. Capture these amazing moments and share them with your loved ones. Furthermore, it is full of locally inspired art. You can catch this art on your phone. It will give an authentic taste of Dubai to your family and friends.

The tour of dubai is an amzing adventure

The beauty of Dubai also leaves a long-lasting impression on your mind. That’s why Dubai is a perfect choice to spend your holidays. It is one of the top cities that provides an amazing adventure and shopping experience. Dubai is full of interesting places to visit and capture memories. You should never miss the marvels in Dubai. Moreover, you can visit these marvels with your family or friends.

Capture your kid’s happiness with LEGOLAND Park

LEGOLAND Park is an enjoyable place for kids. Your child can perform different activities in this park. You can easily catch these loveable moments on your phones. This park offers you real excitement for your kids. Consequently, kids enjoy water slides. Your kids can enjoy an epic adventure in this park. You can try to build your Lego raft to sail over the dull river. You can undertake a joyous splash safari. It is easy simply slip dips and slide. Moreover don’t forget to capture your memories.

Inspire yourself with Bollywood Park

Dubai has the first-ever theme park called Bollywood park. You can walk in different regions and definitely be inspired by Bollywood blockbusters. By entering this park you will be transferred to your Bollywood dream. Consequently, you feel delighted and also catch this site in your eyes and cell phone. Besides this, there are multiple outdoor party venues in Dubai. If you want to celebrate a party then you can visit and choose your favorite one.

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