Is permanent makeup a painful process_ - Gurgaon offers a permanent solution

How does permanent makeup work? 

Permanent makeup is a type of tattooing focused on enhancing facial features. It’s the perfect way to add subtle definition and create a beautiful, natural finish. Be aware that only professionals who specialize in micro pigmentation should be trusted with carrying out this procedure; regular tattoo artists may not have the necessary expertise.

With the right lip and brow make-up, you can give yourself a more youthful appearance that lasts longer than if you were to get tattooed. By visiting a professional artist, you can guarantee that your look will be perfect and timeless. Nowadays, there are several permanent Makeup in Gurgaon that can solve your problem. Let’s take a look and know more!

Is permanent makeup a painful process?

People often reach out to us with a common question, “does getting permanent makeup hurt?”. We’ve put together this article to provide all the information you need on the topic. So, speaking about whether permanent makeup hurts, no is the answer and here’s why.

Because pigment is tattooed into the higher reticular region of the dermal layer of the skin and is non-removable, permanent cosmetic operations are regarded as permanent. Usually, permanent cosmetics and microblading treatments are quite comfortable when the appropriate numbing cream is applied.

Clients can be surprised at how little discomfort they feel when having permanent makeup applied, including some minor sound disturbances. In fact, some clients even fall asleep during the procedure!

Many people are surprised that getting permanent makeup isn’t as painful as they thought it would be. That’s because we use the best numbing cream on the market, so you won’t feel any discomfort at all!

Lidocaine, Benzocaine, and Tetracaine are the three magical components that make up our numbing cream. These three ingredients combined produce a potent numbing lotion that makes obtaining microblading, lip tinting, or any other one of our fantastic treatments a comfortable experience.

Having stated that, some clients may experience discomfort when receiving microblading or a similar procedure.

What exactly does it adorn? Permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip colour are the operations that people most usually request.

If you dislike going to the salon every week to get your eyebrows arched, permanent makeup may be your magic wand. Gaining new eyebrows that seem natural and stay for a longer period of time can help people who lose their eyebrows due to terminal illnesses.

Eyebrows- +New eyebrows are formed by creating microscopic copies of each hair. In contrast, the fine hair stimulation technique between the existing hair offers a natural look in case the eyebrows are sparse or missing. The best colour combination for eyebrows should be 90% deep brown. A 90 per cent deep brown colour with a hint of black is the best colour combination for eyebrows because an entirely black colour would eventually turn greenish blue.

Lips- A small line of permanent makeup can work wonders, whether to define thin lips’ shape, improve symmetry, or make them appear bigger. Additionally, it’s a fantastic alternative for individuals who dislike black lips. Diseases or smoking often cause lips to lose their natural gloss or turn black. Permanent makeup can provide the perfect natural pink colour in these circumstances. Regarding the Indian skin tone, “a blend of red and brown goes nicely, keeping it similar to the natural colour of the lips.”

An eyeliner- Making the eyes more defined with a soft eye liner enhances their aesthetic appeal. So, if you’re short on time but want stunning eyes, choose a flawless permanent eyeliner. It is also beneficial for people whose pale eyes are caused by a lack of eyelashes. Experts advise avoiding striking blue and green hues on the lower or upper eyelid and sticking to natural black and brown instead.

Beauty Spots- The sensuality that a beauty spot may bring to your appearance has received much attention. Permanent makeup offers relief for some who have long desired a sensual beauty spot.

Benefits of getting Permanent makeup

  1. Free from the concern of makeup application = Almost maintenance-free– Putting makeup on over and over all day long has to be one of the most annoying things ever. Permanent makeup is becoming a popular choice for both women and men because of its convenience and cost-effectiveness. It saves up time and money and people really appreciate it. People who lead an active lifestyle often find that permanent makeup is a great option. It offers long-lasting effects, so you don’t have to worry about reapplying it all the time. With regular touch-ups, you won’t need to shell out money for pencils and liners anymore. And, with minimal effort, you can look stunning each morning when you wake up – it’s a guarantee!
  2. Generated symmetry– If you’re not happy with the shape of your brows, eyes or lips, permanent cosmetics is a great way to give them a makeover. Permanent eyebrows are a great option for those suffering from alopecia or who have had hair loss due to chemotherapy. This procedure can help enhance and bring out their natural features while minimizing any flaws.
  3. Self-Belief Assured– You can always strive to better yourself. Have you ever had an internal discussion while looking in the mirror about your messed up eyebrows – like they’re too thin, overly plucked, or just not even? Permanent makeup can be a great confidence booster and might be worth the investment. Permanent makeup makes you look and feel fab – it doesn’t change your overall appearance like conventional makeup does, just gives an extra boost.
  4. It makes your natural features stand out– As we age, our lips become thinner, lose their definition, and lose their natural colour. As a result, they merge with the rest of our facial features. Vertical lines near the lips can make it difficult to keep lipstick from smearing or bleeding outside the vermillion border. Gives you an unfinished look! Permanent makeup is a great choice for those looking for a low-maintenance look or to simply accentuate their features without people knowing. You can even put it over regular makeup to give yourself an extra creative flair. Plus, no one will even realize you got it done.
  5. Stop experiencing allergies– People who are allergic to or have sensitive skin and cannot wear conventional cosmetics will find micro pigmentation extremely helpful—no more persistent redness and watering of the eyes when using conventional eyeliner products. Usually, traditional makeup does not include the same allergens as the dye used in micro pigmentation.


Permanent makeup has plenty of great benefits and it’s important to keep in mind that it takes skill to carry out the process. It all depends on what advantages matter the most to you when making a decision. Therefore, you should pick a permanent makeup expert who is qualified and skilled. Several permanent makeups in Gurgaon provide the best solution for your needs. KA-RAS Extension is one such destination for all your beauty needs. Permanent cosmetics may not be for everyone, but those who use them adore them and couldn’t imagine living without them.


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