Dubai visa

The UAE is striving to become an imaginary destination for all fields of life. It is a good place for work, education, investment, and others. Consequently, UAE is trying to operate its system more effectively. Moreover, UAE has introduced new rules for visitors. It includes new kinds of residence permits. Furthermore, it also includes a new type of entry visa.

The aim of the UAE government is to make this place an ideal station. There are ten types of entry visas. Furthermore, they also expand the golden visa category. Therefore UAE  is retaining global talent all over the world. Further, the aim of this implementation is to develop the business sector in UAE.

UAE visa stamping new rules 2023

You should check the UAE visa application status. The stamping of the residence visa is not the part of new rules. They have replaced it with Emirates ID. Furthermore, no need to collect passports for stamping. It only needs to submit a single unified application to get a residency visa or emirate ID.

UAE is introducing new rules for visitors. Visitors will not get any extension in their visa. You can get an extension in your visa by exiting the country. You can’t get an extension on your visit visa by sitting in UAE. Consequently, if you want an extension on your visit then you should exit the UAE. After this, you need to reapply.

You need an outpass to leave country

Foreigners, who stayed with an expiry visa in UAE, need an out pass to leave. Without leaving permit they are not eligible to leave the country. Immigration offices in UAE are providing these out passes. You can get your leave permit from this office.  Furthermore, overstayers will also be fined for their overstay. You will get a charity of 10 days after your visa expiry date. Moreover, if you don’t leave the country after 10 days of your visa expiry date, you will be fined. So be careful about your visa status. It helps you to update your visa’s expiry date. Further, if you follow the new policy rules it may help you to prevent some extra fines. Furthermore, this fine will not be applicable to visitors who are unable to leave the country for flight cancellation.

New rules for Golden Visa

UAE government also introduced new rules for golden visa. It includes that the validity of this visa is increased to ten years instead of 30 days. Furthermore, this implementation is necessary for all kinds of Golden visas. Scientists golden students, investors, and skilled workers are eligible for this visa. The golden visa holders can sponsor their families. They can also sponsor domestic laborers without any limit. Further golden visa holders have 6 months to modify their status. During this duration, they can achieve another residence visa. Moreover, they can also leave the country. Golden visa holders will not be fined during the grace period. But if you will not leave the country or attain another visa then you will be fined. The reason for this fine is an overstay.

Check your eligibility for Dubai visa

UAE also has introduced a tool to check your eligibility for a golden visa. This tool is in the form of a quiz. Further, with the help of this, you can see your eligibility for a golden visa. Only skilled professionals can get an extension for six months only. Further skilled professional means are classified in the first or second occupational level as per the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation classification. So it’s necessary to check your eligibility for Dubai visa.

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