Camera Ring Light

You might wonder how so many people on the internet are taking photos and videos with such amazing lighting. Some people are blessed with an abundance of natural light in their homes. Or perhaps they have extra special lightbulbs. They’re probably using a ring light.

A ring light is a fluorescent bulb or LED light shaped like a ring. Ring lights are helpful lights for photography and video production because the ring shape gives away light evenly over the subject, ensuring that the subject is well-lit regardless of camera angle.

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Photography Tips Using a Ring Light

A ring light will illuminate the subject uniformly, making them visible from all sides. Makeup photos benefit from this type of lighting because an even, radiant glow makes skin look flawless, and product photos benefit from it because they reveal all the details of the subject.

However, creative portrait photographers may find the lighting too flat, preferring instead the interesting highlights and shadows generated by the Rembrandt, butterfly, or loop lighting techniques. Selfies and headshots are examples of portraiture that could benefit from using a ring light.

By adjusting their placement and trying them at different angles, ring lights placed off-camera can also be used as ambient lighting. Fill lighting is achieved by directing the lights upwards toward the subject. Colored ring lights can also be used to great effect.

How Do You Choose the Best Ring Light?

Let’s take a look at what matters most when contrasting models. Given the wide variety of products available, making a final decision will ultimately come down to your preferred photographic style and available funds.

The most important things to think about are:


Your financial constraints will likely serve as the primary determinant. You can save money by purchasing a less expensive model if you’re curious about ring lights or don’t anticipate using them frequently.

Ring light for the phone can be purchased for under $100. Consider upgrading for more frequent use of portraiture, macro, or food photography is your forte.

Think carefully about what you can afford to put money into.

Quality of Build

Aside from price, one should think about the construction quality. Generally, the quality of lower-priced models and those made by smaller manufacturers is lower.

More expensive ring lights are made of more durable materials. They may cost more initially, but they will last longer under heavy use.

Think about how you usually use the equipment. Where do you work? Do you have a studio? In all likelihood, the durability of your equipment is limited.

Do you frequently pack your equipment into a backpack or case and head to a job site? You’d be smart to invest in stronger equipment if you want it to last through all the handling.

Light Settings

Every photograph you take will be unique, making it imperative that you have control over the lighting. It’s a good idea to make sure the brightness can be changed before you buy. Make sure it has all the knobs and dials you’ll need for customization.

In addition, you should examine the light’s color temperature and see if it can be changed. There are situations where normal lighting temperatures won’t cut it. The white balance in post-production will go more smoothly if the ring light has a color temperature dial.

Wrapping Up

Portrait photographers should think about purchasing camera ring lights. Photos taken with a ring light are crisp and well-lit, making them ideal for various uses. Ring lights are more than just useful for the macro and food photography subgenres.

Your photography clients will be grateful for any ring light, whether a small, disposable one or a more substantial, professional-grade unit on a sturdy stand.


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