D38999 Connectors

Are you curious about D38999 connectors and how they can help in your applications? If so, this blog post is for you. We will provide an overview of what D38999 connectors are, what types are available, and the various benefits they offer.

By the end of this post from Apollo Aerospace Components, you’ll have a better understanding of why D38999 connectors are used and how they can be utilized in your application. So, read on to learn everything you need to know about D38999 connectors!

What is a D38999 connector?

A D38999 connector is a high-performance circular connector used for military and aerospace applications. It is designed to provide secure and reliable electrical connections in hostile environments, such as those encountered in aircraft or on the battlefield. 

The d38999 series iii connectors are made of durable, corrosion-resistant materials that offer superior performance and reliability, making them an ideal choice for use in harsh conditions. 

What are the Benefits of Using a D38999 Connector?

The connectors come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and contact configurations, allowing users to select the best option for their application. They are available with a variety of shielding and keying options, allowing the user to customize the d38999 series iii connectors to meet specific requirements. 

  • Durability: D38999 connectors are designed with superior durability, making them suitable for challenging environments and high-reliability applications. This ensures a long-lasting, secure connection that can withstand extreme temperatures and harsh conditions.
  • Versatility: D38999 connectors come in many different sizes and configurations, allowing you to customize your connection to meet the needs of your application.
  • Cost-efficiency: D38999 connectors provide the highest performance while being cost-effective. They are designed to provide a reliable connection without breaking the bank.
  • Safety: D38999 connectors have built-in safety features such as dust caps and locking mechanisms to ensure a secure connection. They also protect against EMI/RFI interference. 
  • Reliability: The superior design and construction of D38999 connectors make them reliable even in extreme temperatures and harsh conditions. This ensures that the connection remains secure and uninterrupted. 

How Do I Choose the Right D38999 Connector for my Application?

When selecting a d38999 fiber optic connector for your application, there are a few factors to consider. Firstly, consider the size of the connector. D38999 connectors come in a variety of sizes ranging from 9-51 contacts, so you’ll need to make sure the number of contacts in the connector matches your needs. 

Additionally, you’ll need to think about the environment in which you’re going to be using the connector. For example, certain types of D38999 connectors are designed for use in high-vibration environments and offer better shock and vibration resistance. 

Next, consider the material of the connector and its contact plating. The material should be resistant to corrosion and abrasion, while the contact plating should be thick enough to ensure reliable conductivity over time.

Finally, think about whether the connector has any special features like a locking system or environmental sealing. These features can provide extra protection in extreme conditions and reduce the chances of accidental disconnection.

Once you’ve determined your needs, it’s important to research different options before making your final selection. Different manufacturers offer variations of D38999 connectors with varying features and performance levels, so comparing them side-by-side will help you determine which one is best for your application.

Furthermore, seeking the advice of experienced engineers and technical support teams can be beneficial when deciding on the right D38999 connector for your needs.

Ultimately, selecting the right d38999 hermetic connectors for your application can be a daunting task. It’s important to do your research and understand what features and capabilities are important for your specific needs. With the right information and guidance, you’ll be able to find the perfect connector for your application.

What are the Types of D38999 Connectors?

D38999 connectors are a family of high-performance cylindrical connectors that come in a variety of configurations. These connectors offer reliable and secure electrical and optical connections for harsh environments. There are three main types of D38999 connectors – Series III, fiber optic, and hermetic.

  • The Series III D38999 connectors are designed to meet the requirements of multiple applications. They feature an aluminum or stainless steel shell with up to 71 gold-plated contacts and can handle current ratings up to 120A. This type of connector is ideal for use in both commercial and military applications.
  • Fiber optic D38999 connectors are designed for use with single-mode, multimode, and plastic optical fibers. The connector body is made from corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel and nickel-plated brass. This type of connector offers reliable high-speed performance, with typical insertion loss values of 1 dB or less. 
  • Hermetic D38999 connectors are designed for use in extreme environments where moisture and other contaminants must be kept out. These connectors feature a glass-filled PTFE insert seal, which provides a reliable barrier against corrosive materials. 

Overall, the three types of D38999 connectors provide reliable connections in any environment. With a variety of options and configurations available, you can find the right connector for your application needs.

What are Some Common Applications for D38999 Connectors?

D38999 connectors are widely used in a variety of applications, including aerospace, automotive, military, and industrial systems. These connectors are designed to provide reliable, low-cost connections in a range of harsh environmental conditions.

They are commonly used in airframes, wiring harnesses, fuel systems, electrical power systems, avionics, and weapons systems.

The robust design and high performance of the D38999 connector make it an ideal choice for critical applications such as aerospace, military, and industrial applications.

The connectors provide high levels of vibration and shock resistance while being able to withstand extreme temperatures and humidity.

Due to their versatility, D38999 connectors are also used in a range of commercial applications. They are commonly used in medical equipment, communication devices, and consumer electronics. 

The D38999 connectors are also suitable for use in non-critical applications where cost is a factor. They offer low cost and ease of installation compared to other types of connectors. This makes them a popular choice for hobbyists, small businesses, and other low-budget projects.


D38999 connectors offer a range of benefits including durability, versatility, cost-efficiency, safety, and reliability. They are perfect for use in challenging environments where reliability is essential. The D38999 connector is a versatile and reliable option for many types of applications.

Its robust design and reliability make it an ideal choice for critical applications, while its affordability and easy installation make it suitable for non-critical projects.


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