How to publish on twitter: What kind of content should you share? 
How to publish on twitter: What kind of content should you share? 

Twitter is one of the popular social media platforms that have millions of users around the world from different countries. It is famous for the trending videos and tweets by celebrities or other popular personalities. On this platform, you can find different videos, photos, tweets, and more that is shared by people. 

This social media platform has got many celebrities who have their own official account with millions of followers. Celebrities share the tweets and updates of their upcoming movies and also promote the products or brands on their account for advertisement.  

Make sure the content you publish on Twitter as a tweet, image, video, or GIF should be relevant, positive, and informative for the people. 

Thinking about what to publish on your twitter account, read this article to know what to publish on twitter that can engage audience. 

You can publish many things on Twitter such as photos, videos, GIFs, tweets or links that should be interesting and knowledgeable. 

How to publish on twitter? 

  1. Open Twitter official website or app on your device. 
  2. Write the tweet into the compose box available at top of home timeline or you can select the tweet button from navigation bar. 
  3. The Limit of tweet is up to 280 characters. 
  4. If you want to publish video, GIF, or photo use the compose box or click the tweet button. 
  5. Then select a video from your device and click open but the video, photo should be in a supported format. 
  6. Click Tweet button to publish your tweet with image, video or tweet. 

Following are the ideas that can help you to decide what to post on Twitter that can be liked by your audience. 

Use Multimedia in your tweet 

Audience gives preference to the tweets that has media content such as videos, images, and GIFs. So, include the multimedia to your tweet to engage and increase the audience. Nowadays, people find the trending memes in the form of GIFs, videos, and photos on the social media platform. 


Improve the audience engagement by using twitter polls in your tweet to encourage audience to give their opinions. It is fun as they have to click on the option they agree with from which you can know the majority of people agree to which option. 

Post blog content 

You can share blog posts on twitter that can improve the ranking of your webpage and also increase the visitors. Don’t hesitate to share your blogging talent as it can be liked by the others and know how the readers will respond. On any platform, the most often posted content is the blog content.  

Use Hashtags in Tweet 

When you are publishing content in a tweet you should use hashtags to make the conversation easier for the audience. A hashtag can make the accessing of the post fast and quick for people who are looking for your tweet. 

Ask Questions Session 

Establishing the ask question is a session full of fun as mainly these sessions are done by the celebrities to answer the questions of their fans. Invite the audience to ask them interesting and knowledgeable questions. You can share or retweet the interesting answers to the questions with your audience. 

Announcements of brands 

You can announce the launch of new brands or products on twitter as people will come to know about your brand. Pin the tweet about the brand to the top of your profile so that the new audience will know about the launch. Keep updating the tweet most often based on the industry news. 

Quotes to Motivate  

Most people posts motivational quotes on their social media accounts to motivate their audience. You can publish quotes of motivation. The audience like the quotes that have words that motivate them to think positive and do better.   

Topics in Trends 

The brands will use trending hashtags sometimes for promotion on their account because twitter promotes and gives more preference to the topics that are trending and mostly discussed on their platform.  

Advices or Tips 

Provide information regarding the significant topics that is advantageous for people in many ways. The advice or tips can be about the products, start-ups, online businesses, brands, or further. Sharing such tips on twitter will be a good choice. 

Promote the Products 

Do promotion of your products and services on your twitter profile and the content of your post must be based on the promotion. Describe the qualities and advantages of products. This will provide information about the products and can engage the audience. Use most searched keywords in the tweet and hashtags. 

How to download twitter videos

Twitter video download is a best website for downloading twitter videos and gifs as mp4 in high quality resolution.

Blog Overview 

Publish on Twitter by following the above mentioned procedure that shows how to publish a post on twitter. In this blog, we have provided you the ideas that can help you to decide what to post on the twitter account and the way to engage the audience. 

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