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Anyone who has been on vacation in Dubai or is thinking about going there has probably heard of the famous Dubai safari. In Dubai, you can go on a safari in the desert in the morning, Evening, or overnight. But by far, the most popular is the Desert Safari Dubai tour at sunset. On an exciting safari Dubai, you can do some fun things and watch the beautiful desert sunset.

Suppose you don’t want to get lost in the desert in the Evening. In that case, you should only bring the essential things on the Evening Desert safari Dubai trip. Bring layers if you want to go on a safari in the Evening in Dubai. During the day, it’s warm, but when the sun goes down, it might get quite cold.


Dune Bashing:

Join a guided Desert safari Dubai deals and ride in a 4×4 vehicle over the sand dunes until the sun goes down. Drive your four by 4 Toyota jeep up and down on the sand dunes, about 45 minutes from the center of Dubai. The red sand dunes in Dubai’s desert make it look like you’ve landed on another planet, far away from the city’s noise and skyscrapers.

The 4×4 dune bashing takes no more than 45 minutes and is thrilling through the best Desert safari Dubai. After 30 minutes of bumping around in the open desert, the safari driver will stop at any big dune so you can get out, take pictures, and let the 4×4 cool down. You would have fun on this thrilling ride where you would slip, slide, skid, and spin. The sand was also there; there was a lot of it.


Enjoyable things Doing in Desert Camp

Even if you don’t like the more extreme things you can do in the cheapest Desert safari Dubai, the camp has many fun things. The camp was set up in a Bedouin-style so that people could see what it was like for ancient Arabs to live in the desert. There will be booths where you can have henna designs painted on your hands and feet.

Take some photos of yourself at Dubai safari locations. This will be a fantastic opportunity if you’ve never tried hookah or shisha. You might even be able to have your picture taken while holding a real falcon, which is the official bird of the UAE.

The safari Desert Dubai camp turns into a lively party when it gets dark. As you drank or smoked your shisha, dancers would keep you entertained. Tanoura dancers often start the shows with exciting moves, and then belly dancers follow with their beautiful moves. Live music and fire dances are optional extras on specific desert excursions.

Just before bed, you will get a delicious meal. The meal comprises three courses on a desert safari: an appetizer, a main dish, and a dessert. All three prepare for a barbeque. Traditional Emirati food on the Desert safari Dubai tour provides alongside dishes from all over the world. After dinner, your guide will take you back to the city proper and drop you off at the place you asked for (a hotel or home).


The Charm of a Desert Safari at Sunset

In Dubai, the best way to experience the heat and gentle breezes of the desert in the Evening is on a desert safari Dubai. Dubai’s hotels and resorts have everything you need for a luxurious safari-style vacation: comfortable rooms, delicious food, various activities and services (like spas and pools), and more.

Some of the most popular places for a Dubai desert safari in the Evening are Al Hammamet Beach, Al Khawaneej, Jumeirah beach, Jumeirah hotel, Ras Mohammed, Rashid Beach, and Shaikh Zayed Beach. A desert safari at the Evening in Dubai is an excellent choice for tourists who want a unique experience and want to see the city.

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The desert evening safari includes:

  • Meet up by 4×4 Land Cruiser
  • Using a camera at sunset
  • Trips on Camels
  • Putting on an Arabesque (not during Ramadan)
  • Theater performance with fire and Tanoura dance
  • Bar (On a Payment basis)
  • Making designs with henna
  • With a Hubble Bubble Shisha – (on a Payment basis)
  • Arabian coffee.
  • All you can drink
  • We leave at exactly 9:00 p.m.
  • Taking the Skis to the Sands (additional charge)
  • In a four-wheel bike (extra charge)
  • Evening Desert safari Dubai activities



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