Maldives With summer leaves around the corner, utmost families are ready to enjoy a vacation and take a break from diurnal routines. But picking the ideal family resort for a vacation can be relatively gruelling . You have colourful effects to take note of before changing the one resort that would feed to the requirements of your family, Kandima Maldives beachfront resort is snappily gaining fashionability as one of the coolest vacation destinations for families, If you’re looking for a family-friendly. There’s a commodity about the demitasse clear blue water and white flaxen strands offering access to excellent water sports openings and host of other instigative adventures.

With lots of fun conditioning simply for children, parents will get some important- demanded time alone to relax and recharge during their stay. What’s more? The resort goes all out for all trippers

– families, adventure seekers, couples and solo- trippers will all have an absolute blast on this action packed islet.

Without further ado, then are five reasons why Kandima Maldives is an indelible destination for a family vacation

1.Entertaining kiddies is made easy:

 when you ’re looking for the stylish family resorts out there, you must make sure that they’re ideal for the children. The foundation of Kandima Maldives sprat-friendly amenities is the Kandiland Kids Club run by a devoted, multilingual platoon of completely pukka child care- takers. The club provides a diurnal programme jam- packed with supervised, hands- on conditioning that not only entertain but also educate and widen the world of the Kandima’s youthful guests.

2.Go big on food From lately-: 

caught seafood to original constituents and creative menus, you do n’t have to let kiddies ’ picky youthful palates cancel out those epicure reflections parents are pining. Kandima offers a slew of 9 memorable dining choices including 3 fine dining options piecemeal from all day dining multi cookery buffet areas feeding to indeed the pickiest of eaters – which means that your family will face no deficit of healthy, succulent and sprat-friendly food options you ’d anticipate from a tropical paradise. This is also a great occasion to introduce the little ones to new cookeries and discover new dishes they enjoy. kiddies can indeed learn to cook in the al triptych mini kitchen and enjoy pizza- making classes. The variety is sure to keep everyone, from bitsy tots to picky teens, in a sunny mood.

3.A fun family experience : 

Then’s commodity that is intriguing that is not numerous when reserving with family, it’s stylish to look for parcels to accommodate all your family members. Creating the perfect balance of keeping both the kiddies and grown-ups happy, Kandima Maldives has sprat-friendly estates, your own safe private pools with gorgeous ocean views, and commodious family workrooms access to white beach strands with bright blue waters. From stunning sand side estates and family sky workrooms to those inconceivable water estates you ’ve seen each over Instagram, there are options for every group size.

4.Safety under one roof : 

It’s essential for you to know whether the property checks off everything that you and your family wants. piecemeal from a full- fledged Safety program named Kandima OnGuard to take care of moment’s critical safety & hygiene requirements, Kandima Maldives also maintains an in- house sanitarium with a platoon of transnational GPs, nursers, a dentist and a Diving Safety Officer is open for guests 24/7. They’ve a full discussion unit, insulation units, non-invasive check- up unit with ultrasound machines, a dental clinic, first attempt cardio support and first position introductoryX-rays. The resort also arranges for a resident croaker to take your samples for a Covid- 19 test within the comfort of the installation. Kandima, also offers a bespoke nurse service to give parents a chance to enjoy some alone time in case demanded.

5.Unlimited fun for audacious spirits: 

 When you ’re travelling with family, the tastes and idea of fun are each different. Choose a destination that has different conditioning feeding to the different interests of your family members. Besides enjoying some of the world’s stylish strands complete with white beach, clear blue waters and swaying win trees, there’s no dearth of fun conditioning to do at Kandima. With the recently introduced Skydiving & parasailing adding to the adrenaline filled vacation. Kandima’s submarine centre Aquaholics offers the Bubblemaker course plus Discover Scuba Diving, Junior Scuba Diver and Junior Open Water Diver courses – kiddies will no way say they’re bored then. Families can also go on night fishing passages, big game fishing and evening sails on dhoni boats and stinkpots


Discovering the aquatic prodigies leaves can be a great literacy experience for children and grown-ups likewise. The coral reefs girding the islets are home to further than 1000 species of tropical fish, and it’s also known as one of the top five places in the world to spot dolphins, manta ray shafts and harpies. Kandima Maldives ’ unique coral relinquishment program gives children a chance to become marine biologists and transplant reefs in the ocean. It offers a great occasion to educate children about the significance of conserving the terrain and guarding exposed species.

Enjoy your vacation on your own terms From kiddies ’ conditioning to grown-up- centred amenities, families are truly watched for at Kandima. Guests are putrefied for choice in how they want to spend their holiday.


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