Maharashtra is blessed with the Sahyadri Mountains, home to many stunning hills, trekking trails, and ancient forts. Sahyadris offers great options for beginners as well as experienced hikers.

If you like hiking in the rain and exploring nature, a day Andharban Trek in Sahyadris during the monsoon season is a great option to spend your day with friends and family. Rain makes everything look beautiful. There is greenery everywhere and the clear air is flowing. 

Andharban Trek

  • Location: Pimpri, In Tamhini Ghat, Maharashtra
  • Altitude: 2160 feet
  • Trek Distance: 13 km
  • Best time for this trek: June to October
  • Trek Duration: 6-7 hours
  • Andharban Distance from Mumbai: 133 km
  • Andharban Distance from Pune: 67 km
  • Andharban Distance from Lonavala: 48 km
  • Nearest Railway Station: Pune Railway Station
  • Nearest Airport: Pune Airport, 12.2 km from FC Road, Pune.

Andharban (or Dark Forest) is a dense forest near Pimpri, Maharashtra, an hour and a half from Lonavala. The Andarban trek is an ideal monsoon trek and takes place mostly in the shade. What makes this course special is that it is a continuous descent. This is a mist-shrouded evergreen cassowary forest, a dreamy forest landscape of the Tamhini Ghats.

Lush foliage, cascading waterfalls, and tranquil puddles. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery and amazing species of flora and fauna of the Kundalika Valley. Andharban also offers night treks.

Best Time to visit Andharban Trek

Pre-monsoon, monsoon, and post-monsoon, that is from June to September are the best times to enjoy this trek. However, we still recommend hiking here from October to January. The forest remains as dense as ever, with the addition of winter fog and cold to create an atmosphere of mystery and magic.

Route to Andharban Trek

The hike begins at Pimpuri Village at a location called Independent Point near Pimpuri Dam. From there, you can hire a local guide to show you along the way. Hiking should start early in the morning. The first climb is fully shaded by dense trees and many waterways, allowing you to enjoy the backwaters of Bira Dam.The path passes through the top of the wall adjacent to Pimpri Dam and continues into an open area. Further ahead is a poppy field.

The trek starts from Pimpuri village in Maharashtra.

By Road

Lonavala is about 50 km from the village of Pimpri. Take a taxi or bus to Lonavala. From there, take a taxi or bus to Pimpuri village. If you come directly from Mumbai, rent a self-driving car. Trekkers not coming from Mumbai or the western towns of Pimpuri can first arrive in Pune and from there hire a private taxi to reach Pimpuri village.


Many trains run from Mumbai to Lonavala and Pune. If you are coming from the north, try the Hazrat Nizamuddin Express.


You can also fly to Pune, where you can fly from any major Indian city, and from there take a taxi to Phinpuri.

Package to visit Andharban Trek

  1. Accommodation: Patnus Lodge Accommodation Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000.
  2. Travel: The bus from Mumbai to Lonavala charges Rs.500. 

Self-drive car from Pune to Pimpri for Rs. 3000.

From Lonavala to Pimpri, the charges for cabs are Rs. 2000.

  1. Food: The price of food is around Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000 per person.
  2. Andharban Trek Packages: Adventure tour operators charge Rs. 1500 (per person) for trekking.
  3. Others: Rs. 50 is the entrance fee at the trek point.

Places to visit 

Tamhini attractions

Explore Tamhini Waterfall, Plas Valley Trek, Devkund Waterfall, Hemant Waterfall, Tamhini Ghat View Point, and Tamhini Hill Top just a few kilometers from Pimpri.

Kundalika Rafting

Water rafting on the Kundalika River is about 10-15 kilometers from Tamhini Ghat.


At Labasa, two hours from the village of Pimpri, explore quaint luxury spas and resorts or try a variety of adventure sports such as ziplining, swimming, lakeside kayaking and, jet skiing. You can Also, check out Temgar Dam.


Between Lonavala and Pimpri routes, visit Sudhagad Lake and Takmak Point, Ekole Valley View, Morgiri Fort, Shivling Point, Korigad, Anghai Fort, Thanale Caves, Sarasgad Fort, Tung Fort, and Lonavala Lake Waterfall. You can explor, Bhusi Dam, Logud Fort, Kune Falls, and Bogut.

Activities at Andharban Trek

  • Stroll through lush green lawns and dense shady forests.
  • Hike through this fog-shrouded jungle to explore the stunning views of the Kundalika Valley.
  • Hear the mesmerizing large and small streams and rapid waterfalls.
  • Cross these large streams of water with valleys on one side and waterfalls on the other.
  • Enjoy breathtaking views of Kundalika Gorge, Bira Dam, and various mountain ranges from Tamhini Ghat.
  • Starting at about 2100 feet, the trek descends the valley to the Bira Dam without encountering any challenging rocky terrain.
  • You will reach a beautiful village called Hildy. The only village you pass in the whole trek, where you can meet food and locals. Enjoy beautiful views of the backwaters of
  • Bira Dam scenic view. 

Safety tips for your trip

  1. Wear long sleeves 
  2. Carry an umbrella.
  3. Pack sandwiches, snacks, and energy bars.
  4. Carry flashlights and a swiss army knife.
  5. Carry sprain medicine and pain relievers in case of an unexpected injury.
  6. Wear good trekking shoes, canvas shoes, and a comfortable backpack.
  7. Wear mosquito repellent for night trekking and overnight camping.
  8. Instead of relying on public transport, chauffeured private he hires a taxi or self-driving car.
  9. Do not litter, maintain calm and discipline, and do not disturb the peace and daily life of local people.
  10. Be careful on steep rocks and swamps.


Embark on an exhilarating trek through Andarban’s dense dark forest at an altitude of 2160 feet. Explore Sahyadri Hills on one of these unusual hikes with different start and end points including Jacobean Cuckoo, Malabar Thrush, Pygmy Kingfisher, dwarf kingfishers(cosmic coral farms), and Minivet.

If you are an adventure junkie plan you trip now and explore the nature.

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