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Explore one of the beautiful pawna lake in the Pune district, known for its glassy tranquil waters and spectral colors indicative of its enchanting water quality. Pawna Lake is one of India’s most spectacular wonders, best known for its crystal clear waters that offer stunning night views. A stunning morning is worth staying by the pond. What makes Pawna Lake camping such a popular spot is its bluish, emerald water that retains its beauty and tranquility.

At times, the sun’s rays turn the shadows of this lake turquoise, making hikers and travelers feel like they’ve arrived in paradise. With crystal clear water, it’s the perfect place to take a dozen beautiful photos.

On clear days, you can see different mountain landscapes perfectly reflected in the crystal clear water of the pond. Known for its townspeople, star gazing over the lake in the night sky is more blissful and serene. Stepping into this landscape will make you forget your hometown, especially the astral body shining in the night sky at midnight creates a special and unforgettable moment.

Indeed, Lake Pona is a sight to behold. Step into this Lake Pona to enjoy the wonders of nature and share starry nights with your loved ones. Explore the tranquility of Lake Pona and find tranquility away from the chaos of city life. Known for its unique identity, its scenic beauty is so tranquil and sacred. The tranquility of this pond is overwhelming. inner peace, moments of joy

 Camping on Lake Pauna

Camping is one of the activities on Lake Pauna that is highly recommended by many tourists. This activity can be enjoyed by couples, friends, and the whole family. Here you can experience the most beautiful natural scenery with pleasant weather all year round.

There are several campsites around Pouna Lake, including Thun Fort, Tikona Fort and Valle Caves, where you can spend a nice evening around the campfire.

Enjoy the panoramic view

Take a panoramic view around Lake Pona, where you can see several mountains and fortresses around the lake. Activities on Lake Pauna, such as ziplining, are a great opportunity to capture stunning views of the site. Imagine seeing clouds up close from the top of a mountain. It is a very attractive place that can only be tasted at Pawn Lake.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can stroll around the lake and take beautiful panoramic photos. You can also enjoy the best bird’s eye view from Tikona Fortress.


Paragliding is a famous adventure activity not to be missed on Lake Pona. Fly with the most experienced pilots while enjoying a stable and safe tandem flight. For an unforgettable experience, try this breathtaking experience when visiting Lake Pona. You can cut through the clouds floating over the hills while enjoying stunning aerial views of the lake.

Lake Pona is a great place to glide, with even moderately hot days and consistent weather throughout the year. The moment you take off with the birds and soar high into the sky is truly a blissful experience.

Visit Sinde Wadi Hill

One of the most famous activities at Poona Lake is to enjoy the cool breeze while hiking Sinde Wadi Hill in Kamshet. The hills are over 200 feet high and offer exciting sunrise views from the top. You can enjoy the peaceful surroundings of these hills while exploring this incredible place.

Located 2 km from Kamshet, these hills are surrounded by the enchanting beauty of Betse Cave and Lake Pona. This place is also ideal for those who want to try paragliding.

Pray at Kondeshwar Temple

A visit to Kondeshwar Temple should be added to your list of activities at Pohna Lake. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Kondeswar Temple is famous for being located in a dense forest. An exciting hike through the forest takes you to the Kondeswar Temple. The architecture of Kondeshwar temple is wonderful and magnificent.

This majestic black marble temple offers a magical pond view that mesmerizes visitors. The temple grounds and the area around Kirinotaki are quiet, so you can visit quietly.


There are many things to do on Lake Pona, but kayaking has become very popular lately. Kayaking has proven to be a major attraction for many visitors to Lake Pona. Kayaks can be rented to cross the lake and are greatly enjoyed by visitors. Kayaking on Lake Pona is a must on people’s bucket lists and a very safe

 So we are hoping that you will find this article useful. Enjoy your trip to Pawna lake. And most important thing is to make sure that you collect your memories of yours while going on a trip to pawna lake.

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