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Some travelers like to explore everything on their own, from designing their itinerary to booking tickets and accommodation. But there are certain activities where you are better off having an expertly devised plan; wildlife safaris are one of them.

South Africa is a very preferred location when it comes to wildlife safaris. If you are planning to visit this land of wilderness, then here are some tips on selecting South African tour companies.

South Africa is booming with tourists for its wildlife tourism, so you will find plenty of companies claiming to give you the best safari in South Africa, but as a responsible tourist, you must consider the following things in mind when you book one.

Tips to Choose the Best Safari in South Africa: 

  1. Define your interests: There is not one single safari in South Africa, but you have myriad experiences to choose from. Do you want only a wildlife trail or combine it with a birding tour? Do you want to stay within luxe amenities or prefer an authentic South Africa safari lodge? Which animals are on your top list? Some safaris also have a cultural element where you interact with the indigenous people living around the National parks. Define your interests when you head to a safari company. It will help them to prepare an itinerary that ticks all your interests.
  2. Mention Special Activity: With the growing popularity of social media, tourists often come intending to vlog their entire experience and showcase it later. So if you are visiting as a vlogger /photographer, it is best to specify it to the company. They can then design a customized package that only includes your group.
  3. Ask Questions: Whenever you are booking any travel company for your activities, it is best to clear all the doubts beforehand. For a safari trip, ask relevant questions such as duration, the animals you’re likely to see, the weather conditions, recent sightings, and so on. Always confirm the accommodation after watching the photos of the place.
  4. Conduct Research: Given that wildlife safaris are the must-do thing in Africa, you will find South African tour companies everywhere offering you a unique safari experience. But take the onus of conducting your own research on the best safari in South Africa. Always go through the review of the top South African tour companies and approximate costing. Check if the company you are booking is authorized to conduct safaris.
  5. Confirm Language Preference: South Africa gets tourists from all over the world, and not everyone may be fluent in English. Language can turn out to be a barrier if you do not communicate in the same language as your safari guide. Convey your language preference and ensure your guide is fluent in the language to show you around and share knowledge.
  6. Compare prices: The best safari in South Africa will come at a price, but planning your budget is easier when you have an estimate of the costs. When you enquire with South African tour companies, always compare the prices of the safari tours. Cheaper may not be better at all times. Consider the quality of safari tours by checking the reviews online of a particular company.
  7. Experienced Guides: You need a pair of expert eyes when venturing into the wild. Naturalists and guides don’t just take you through a safari route but help you spot the animals, share interesting trivia and enhance the safari experience a notch higher.
  8. To experience the best safari in South Africa, choose an experienced company that has been regularly conducting such trips. South African tour companies that share a passion for preserving wildlife and responsible tourism will be better guides for such excursions.
  9. Additional Activities: When looking through South African tour companies, consider all the activities they offer other than jeep safaris. Is there an on-foot safari, hiking, or canoeing around the other parts of the region? African national parks also have varied landscapes which can be explored with these additional activities.

These are some of the basic things you must keep in mind when you are looking to book the best safari in South Africa.

Some companies will offer you an entire package that includes transfers, South Africa safari lodge accommodation, etc. Confirm the legitimacy of these offerings before you make the payments.

A safari experience can be the most delightful and enthralling one if you choose the right partner company. New World Safaris is one trusted name for your safari tours in Africa. A specialized team that shares the vision of conservation and pride for African culture, can help you organize a holistic safari experience.

With their first-hand knowledge of exploring the South African regions, the teams carve some of the best safaris in South Africa.

Putting tourists first, catering to their interests while also advocating for wildlife conservation, they are one of the responsible names of South African tour companies. You can check out their website to know more about their services and how they help create a memorable experience of traveling in Africa.


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